Earth Stripes


Warming Stripes were originally created by University of Reading Professor Ed Hawkins, and show temperature change in a given region over a certain time period. Most of the stripes on Earth Stripes show temperature change from 1900-2000, although it may be different based on the available data. The time period for each graphic is displayed in the adjacent blurb.

All of the warming stripes graphics on this site are licensed under CC BY 4.0 so you can freely share, adapt or remix them for any purpose as long as credit is given. See the full license terms for more information.

Temperature data for the United States is from NOAA, while global data is provided by Berkeley Earth.

Earth Stripes allows you to purchase custom warming stripes merchandise through our partner. You can head over to the merch page, select a location, and we’ll generate the products for you. These are designed to start conversations about climate change.

Money generated from the sale of these products helps us to continue expanding and improving the site so we can keep educating people about climate change.